Al Jabir Academy

Aspiring for excellence

Al Jabir Academy has been in service since January 2014, aiming to provide best religious education to children from all backgrounds, nationality or national heritage. At Aljabir Academy we are currently offering our children (between the age of 6 to 18) Islamic Knowledge from Quran and the Sirah if our beloved Prophet (pbuh) in order to inspire them to become scholars of balanched understanding

Al-Jabir Institute, a unique weekend Madrasah at the heart of our local community in Longsight was launched in January 2014. This we believe would fulfil the long-felt need of our local Muslims for Islamic education of their children. Al-Jabir Institute aspires to educate our children between the age of 7 to 18 with Islamic Knowledge from Quran and the Sirah of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and inspire them to become Islamic Scholars of balanced understanding

Arabic Courses

Tajweed Clasess

Quran Clasess

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