Our Teachers

Dedicated and qualified staff

Abdul Jabbar Van De Ven

MA in Arabic language and Middle-Eastern studies

Abdul- Jabbar van de Ven was guided by Allah 23 years, at the young age of 14, and has been studying islam and Arabic language ever since. He studied in Jordan and then at teh Islamic University of Madinah, where he was a stuent of Shaykh Abulqader bin Shaykh Al-Hamad.

Mrs Abir Hussein

Graduated from Helwan University in Cairo, Egypt

Mrs Abir has a Diploma in Quran and Islamic studies for four years in Kuwait and reciving A* on principles of Arabic language, Tajweed and Fiqah. she is currently teaching at Manchester islamic high school fro girls.

Sheikha Aya Fakhri

Studied Arabic language & Fiqh with leading scholars of Lebanon.

She had worked at the head office of the famous Egyptian preacher Amr Khalid. Shekha Aya Fakhri has many years of experience in teaching Quran & Arabic language to children. She has been working as a teacher at the Hanafiah school in Manchester and as the main children's teacher at the Oak Tree Initiative (OTI).